Bromance leads to basketball, Team Busan Myeongji Woo Jung-dam & Lee Do-gun

Woo Jung-dam (Shin Myeongcho 6) and Lee Do-gun (Myeongwoncho 4) dream of bromance through basketball.

Team Busan Myeongji Basketball Class opened a dedicated gym in Gangseo-gu, Busan in April. They have volunteered to become ambassadors for Busan and are working to expand their reach across the country.

Team Busan, which is spreading the fun of basketball to children in the Busan area, recently added a new member. 스포츠토토존 The main characters are Woo Jung-dam (Shinmyeongcho 6) and Lee Do-gun (Myeongwoncho 4).

They are half cousins and are waiting for the day when they can showcase their bromance through basketball.

“I hope many of my friends will enjoy playing basketball with Team Busan,” said Woo Jung-dam, who is the president of the school and an excellent student in academics and other school activities.

Woo joined Team Busan to improve his physical fitness and basketball skills, and he quickly fell in love with the game, saying, “I enjoy it the most when the basketball goes into the basket.” His favorite player is Heo Hoon.

His favorite player is Heo Hoon (Suwon KT).

“It’s cool to see him shoot a three-pointer from a long distance,” Woo said, explaining why he chose Heo as his favorite player.

Woo’s energy to be a happy person who studies hard and plays basketball radiated to his younger cousin, Lee Do-gun.

“When I saw my cousin playing basketball, I wanted to play too, so I followed him to Team Busan’s basketball class,” said Lee Do-gun, who became a new member of Team Busan.

Lee has also found basketball fun these days.

“The basic training is hard, but it’s so much fun when I play with my brothers,” he says, recalling his favorite moment in basketball, “The teachers teach the game in a fun way,” and he fell in love with the sport.

Basketball also gave him a desire.

“I want to grow up to 190 centimeters tall, and I want to be told that I’m good at basketball when I reach middle school,” he said.

The brothers are enjoying the fun of Basketball with Team Busan, and we look forward to the day when they can show their bro-mance on the court together.

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