“Even if you win, you can’t forgive the referee”…FC Anyang owner Max Ho demands 3 things from the Korean Football Association’s refereeing committee

FC Anyang owner Choi Max-ho (Mayor of Anyang) made a strong request to the Korea Football Association’s Referee Appeals Committee on Thursday regarding the FC Anyang offside call controversy.

“I have requested that the results of the Referee Evaluation Committee’s meeting regarding the offside call that occurred in the K League 2 18th round match between FC Anyang and Seoul Eland FC on Saturday, April 22, be made public as soon as possible,” Choi wrote on his social media account.

“I am deeply concerned about this decision, and I am making the following demands to the Korea Football Association and the 현금홀덤사이트 Korea Professional Football Association,” he said, announcing three demands.

“First, the refereeing committee of the Korea Football Association should disclose the results of the correct and incorrect calls. Second, if the refereeing committee of the Korea Football Association made a wrong call, the refereeing committee of the Korea Football Association should apologize to the citizens of Anyang and FC Anyang fans. Third, if the result is wrong, the Korea Football Association and the Korean Professional Football Association should take measures to prevent this from happening again.”

Earlier, FC Anyang won 2-1 against Seoul E at Anyang Sports Complex at 6:30 p.m. on the 22nd, but the team reacted by expressing strong dissatisfaction with the referee’s offside decision.

The incident occurred in the 46th minute of first-half stoppage time when FC Anyang’s Dan Lei scored a header, but the goal was canceled due to an offside call against FC Anyang’s Lee Young-jik, who caught the ball that hit the head of opponent Ikova just before the goal.

Fans expressed their disbelief, and Mayor Choi also expressed his strong protest, stating that he could not understand the referee’s decision, saying that he was not offside.

“Mayor, I think it’s time to be strong, and not only 550,000 Anyang citizens but also everyone who loves soccer will support you. Go Mayor^^”, “The next president of the Football Association will be Mayor Choi,” and “No matter what kind of reaction comes, I am relieved that the owner raised the issue quickly and decisively. We will be with you until the end. Long live FC Anyang!” “I posted an enlarged video on my Facebook. Please look at it,” and other protest comments were posted.

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