Gilles Alexander on leading Canada to the quarterfinals: “Canada is strong because…”

“Because they have two of the best defenders in the world”

Canada is one of the strong favorites to win the 온라인카지노 Basketball World Cup. With a number of NBA players, Canada has been dubbed the “Golden Generation”. This is due to the fact that their roster includes NBA players such as Shai Gilgeous Alexander, RJ Barrett, Dylan Brooks, Lugentz Dot, Dwight Powell, Nickel Alexander Walker, and Kelly Olynyk.

And so began the World Cup of Basketball, where Canada made a huge splash in their first game. They took on powerhouse France and won by 30 points. They followed that up with a 128-73 win over Lebanon. In their final game of the first round, they won by 26 points. All three first-round games were dominant performances.

In their first game of the second round, they faced Brazil and lost 65-69. It was a blow. But then they held powerhouse Spain to just three points. They were still down at the end of the third quarter, but they turned the game around with a strong performance in the final minutes.

Their quarterfinal opponent was Slovenia, led by Luka Doncic. The game was tight early on. Canada was led by Gilles Alexadenga, while Slovenia was led by Doncic. The score was 50-50 at halftime.

But in the third quarter, Canada pulled away and won the game thanks to Gilges Alexander’s performance down the stretch. He finished with 31 points, 10 rebounds, and four assists.

“We just tried to do our thing for 40 minutes and that’s what got us the win,” he told FIBA after the game.

On this day, Canada used Brooks and Dotts as doncic defenders. It worked. The two players not only defended Doncic, but also other players. This is why Canada was able to play a strong defense.

“The reason Canada is so strong is because they have two of the best defenders in the world. It’s Brooks and Dot. They throw themselves into defense. We picked up on that and tried to do our best on defense,” he said of Brooks and Dot’s defensive influence.

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