Former ‘Kangaroo Shooter’ director Cho Sung-won donates talent, first target is Hwaseo and Masancho

Former LG coach Cho Sung-won’s talent donation program has begun in earnest.

On the 6th, former LG coach Cho Sung-won hosted ‘Cho Sung-won’s Shooting School’ at the gymnasium of 현금홀덤사이트 Hwaseo Elementary School in Suwon. ‘Cho Sung-won’s Shooting School’ is a talent donation by Cho. Unlike other skill trainings, the program will focus on shooting. Cho will travel to elementary, middle, and high schools around the country to teach elite athletes how to shoot.

His first targets were the basketball teams of Hwaseo and Masan schools. Eleven students from Huaxi and 13 students from Masan participated.

“It’s really fun to teach young players,” said Cho, who met with the students before the class began. They learn quickly. College students and players who have been playing basketball for a long time can’t change their habits easily. But young players are different. If you teach them, they learn quickly,” he said.

Afterward, Cho told the students, “Everyone will shoot the most shots in individual training sessions. That’s because it’s the easiest. I want everyone to know that it’s not difficult to shoot,” he said, and began the shooting lecture in earnest.

Cho watched the players of Masancho and Hwaseocho shoot one by one. He emphasized the rhythm and the lower body. “Your knees and elbows should be extended in one beat. You have to remember the beat,” he told the students, as he watched them shoot.

He continued, “You have to use your lower body when you shoot. You’re going to hit the back rim, not the front rim. That’s the right shot,” he said, passing on his shooting know-how to the players.

Coach Cho did his best to help the players and looked at their shooting form in detail. After the lesson, she said, “The players’ fundamentals are really good. Even though they are girls, they can shoot well. They seem to have learned well.” “It’s the same with Masancho. Their passion is really good. If you add skill to that, they will be a scary team.” He also praised the students of Hwaseocho and Masancho.

Former LG coach Cho, meanwhile, made a name for himself as one of the KBL’s best shooters in his playing days, despite his short stature of 180 centimeters.

During his time with Hyundai Dynet (now Jeonju KCC), he formed the “Izochu Trio” of Lee Sang-min, Cho Sung-won, and Choo Seung-gyun, which helped Hyundai become a powerhouse in the early days of the KBL. Starting with their signature play, the three-point shot, their ability to settle fast breaks in addition to layups with excellent penetration was top-notch at the time.

The event was supported by high-end calcium brand Bone Earth and uniform customization company Stuff, who presented gifts to the players.

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