Kang Sung-wook “Three points and a serenade, why…”

Kang Sung-wook topples Chung-Ang University.

Sungkyunkwan University won the quarterfinals of the 온라인카지노 2023 KUSF University Basketball U-League Playoffs against Chung-Ang University 73-61 on Sunday at Chung-Ang University’s Cheongnyongwan Gymnasium.

Kang Sung-wook shined. He finished with 17 points, eight rebounds, two assists, and two steals to lead Sungkyunkwan to victory.

After the game, Kang Sung-wook said, “We lost to Jungang last time and there were a lot of regrets. I paid a lot of attention to rebounding today, and I’m happy that it worked out.”

The game was played at a very fast pace, with the tide changing from time to time.

“If you look at the situation of being caught up, there were a lot of situations where I was caught up because I missed one shot after another. I tried to reduce it as much as possible, and I tried to follow the coach’s words to play with confidence, which was a factor in the victory.”

On the day, Kang attempted seven 3-pointers, making only one. That one three proved to be the difference maker in the third quarter.

“It was because I wasn’t making threes and then it came out of nowhere (laughs), so I made a ceremony like that. I tried to play as much as I could,” he explained.

Sungkyunkwan University’s next opponent was Yonsei University. Yonsei has first-year Lee Ju-young, who led the youth national team with Kang Sung-wook.

“Yonsei has a very precise offense, and I think we should focus on our play rather than worrying about them,” Kang said, “and for me, I want to do what the coach said, which is to come out fast in fastbreak situations, beat the defense, make timely passes, and make good shots.

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