GOAT’ Ohtani finally wins the first shutout in his ML debut

GOAT” Shohei Ohtani (29, LA Angels) finally wrote career history with the first shutout victory in his major league debut. In the second game of the double header that followed, he even hit home runs No. 37 and 38, presenting ‘cartoon baseball’. On the 28th (Korean time), Ohtani started as a starting pitcher and second batter in the first game of the double header of the 2023 Major League Baseball away game against the Detroit Tigers held at Comerica Field in Detroit, Michigan, USA, and recorded the first shutout in his major league career. Season 9 wins. In the second game of the double header that followed, he literally showed his ‘strength’ by bursting into two-run guns in the second round (Season No. 37) and solo guns in the middle of the fourth (Season No. 38).

It was absolutely perfect. On the mound, Ohtani allowed only one hit in 9 innings while striking out 3 with 3 walks and striking out no runs, becoming the protagonist of the complete shutout. The total number of pitches was 111. 71 of those were strikes. His earned run average dropped from 3.71 to 3.43. The start from the first episode was light. After inducing lead hitter Jack McKinstree to ground on third base on the second pitch, he struck out the follow-up Riley Green with a swing-and-miss on the fourth pitch. Then, he induced Torkelson with a floating ball in left field on the third pitch, and finished the first inning with nine balls. Torkelson’s well-hit ball ended up in the left fielder’s glove. Game Day, the official website of the Major League Baseball, Ohtani’s highest speed in one inning was 96.8 miles (approximately 155.7 km) with a high four-seam fastball thrown on the fourth pitch against Green.

After that, Ohtani continued his perfect streak until he allowed the only hit of the day to lead batter Kerry Carpenter in the 5th inning. In the second inning, Carpenter was induced with a ground ball to first base on the fifth pitch. Even after pitching, he showed off his ability to cover first base by sprinting to the mound. After treating Matt Bearing with a fly ball that missed the second baseman on the 4th pitch, he induced Javier Baez to strike out a swing on the outside ball on the 4th pitch and delete the second inning.

The 3rd start was also good. He threw a four-seam fastball that reached 99 miles (about 159.3 km) in the 6th pitch with a 1-2 advantage against lead hitter Akil Bae Doo, spinning the bat. For a left-handed hitter, Bae Doo’s bat was dragged out on an exquisite trajectory that curves outward. After handling Jack Short as a fly ball to center fielder, he caught Eric Haas with a looking strikeout on the 4th pitch. This time, he froze Haas by sprinkling a four-seam fastball that exquisitely spanned the strike zone outside the 98-mile (approximately 158.5 km) area. Haas stayed at bat for a while, had a brief chat with referee Derek Thomas, and then returned to the dugout.

He was also perfect in the 4th inning. After putting out lead hitter McKinstree with a fly ball to left field on the 4th pitch, he struck out Green and Torkelson consecutively. Against Green, the 87.4 mile (approximately 140.6 km) splitter, and against Torkelson, the 84.7 mile (approximately 163.3 km) sweeper that curves outward were the deciding balls.

Ohtani’s only hit came in the 5th inning. The team was ahead 3-0. After getting an advantageous ball count of 0-2 against lead hitter Carpenter, he threw a 97.9 mile (approximately 157.5 km) fastball on the third pitch. 토토 Carpenter hit the ball properly and made a hit that landed in front of the center fielder. The moment Ohtani’s perfect march ended. However, Ohtani led the follow-up beer ring to a double hit in front of the third baseman, and then took Baez out with a catcher foul pop-fly, continuing the scoreless march. The number of pitches up to the fifth inning is 56.

On the mound in the 6th inning, Ohtani caught lead batter Bae Doo with a fly ball from center fielder, but allowed the next batter, Short, to walk on the 6th pitch. It was Ohtani’s first walk that day. However, Haas was eliminated with a double stroke in front of the third baseman in two pitches, and the inning was deleted. Ohtani threw a 99.5 mph (160.1 km) fastball in the 6th pitch against lead batter McKinstree in the 7th inning and put it out with a ground ball to second base. It was Ohtani’s best restraint of the day. Ohtani then threw a straight walk to Torkelson after grounding Green on the first pitch. However, he showed off his dignity by striking out Carpenter with three pitches. The deciding ball was an 81.5-mile (about 131.1 km) curve with a big drop outward.

In the bottom of the eighth, Ohtani allowed second base to advance for the first time that day. He gave up a walk after a six-pitch game with leadoff batter Beering. While inducing the next batter Baez to ground to second base, Biering stepped on second base. But there were no mistakes. After a full count of Bae Doo, he caught a ground ball to third base on the 7th pitch and a short ball to shortstop on the first pitch. 97 pitches through the 8th inning.

And in the bottom of the ninth, Ohtani went to the mound again. He struck out Hass with a short fly ball to second baseman, struck out McKinstree on a foul tip, and struck out Green with a straight hit to center fielder, each succeeding in his first complete shutout victory in his major league career. After Ohtani completed the shutout, he approached catcher Chad Wallach and gave him a high-five. He was calm and not too excited. According to Japanese baseball media Full Count, Angels coach Phil Nevin said after the game, “Ohtani wanted to start the ninth inning. He said he would finish the game. Today was a doubleheader, so we were able to rest the bullpen, and this will have an impact in the future.” said, raising Ohtani up.

According to Baseball Savant, Ohtani threw 62 four-seam fastballs, 26 sweepers, 9 cutters, 5 curveballs and splitters, and 4 sinkers. His average velocity on his fastball was 97 miles (about 156 km). While Ohtani was working hard on the mound, hitters also helped Ohtani with 11 hits. In the second inning, the Angels got second and third base chances with Mustakas’ left-center hit and Renfro’s left-handed double, and then Caverg scored a sacrifice RBI in left field (1-0). Then, they ran away with two more runs in the fourth inning. After a run, Mustakas’ left-center hit and Renfro’s right-hand double hit 2nd and 3rd bases, and Kabbage scored 2 RBIs and a timely hit to right-middle. made 0 In the 8th inning, Ward took the lead and scored a solo arch with Woo Joong-Wol, putting a wedge in the game.

However, as a batter, Ohtani only struck out two with no hits in five at-bats. His batting average went from 0.299 to 0.296. In the first inning, after a full count match, he struck out on the 7th pitch, and in the 3rd inning, he retired with a floating ball to center fielder on the first pitch. Left fielder fly out in the 5th inning. In the 7th inning, after striking out on the 4th looking pitch, in the 9th inning as the last batter, he hit a ground ball to second base on the first pitch. Still, Ohtani went straight to the mound at the bottom of the ninth inning and achieved his first shutout victory in 83 games and 6 years of his big league career. And a little over an hour later, in the second game of the double header, he hit a home run in consecutive hits. 1st in home runs in the entire league. A multi-home run by a pitcher who had a shutout earlier… . Ohtani looks like a cartoon.

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