SD seller declaration?’ Snell-Haider likely to trade

Will the San Diego Padres, who are 4th in the National League West and 7th in the wild card, declare a seller? The possibility of trading the ace and closer was mentioned. On the 27th (hereafter Korean time), USA Today’s Bob Nightingale delivered the opinions of the teams that recently negotiated a trade with San Diego. According to this, they predicted that Blake Snell (31) and Josh Hader (29) would eventually be traded. This means that San Diego is making a seller declaration.

San Diego has a 49-54 win rate of 0.476 through the 27th. The gap with the LA Dodgers, who are ranked No. 1 in the district, is 10 games, and the gap with the Wild Card No. 3 is 6.5 games. Accordingly, San Diego stands at a crossroads for sellers. 안전놀이터 Realistically, it is correct to reorganize the team after declaring a seller. However, it seems that he is hesitant to execute the seller because of the amount invested so far. If Snell and Hader are on the market, there will be several teams looking to reinforce the mound. This is because it is a card that can definitely reinforce selection and salvation.

Snell pitched 114 innings in 21 games through the 27th, recording 7 wins and 8 losses with an ERA of 2.61. 147 strikeouts. He gave up 64 walks, the most in the league, but ranked first in earned run average. However, the excessively high residual base rate can make him hesitate to recruit. Hader threw 38 innings in 40 games until the 27th, recording 1 loss, 24 saves and an ERA of 0.95 without a win. 58 strikeouts.

The price of just two pitchers will not be proportional to their reputation and skills. This is because all of them will be eligible for free agency (FA) players after this season. That is, a half-year rental. Attention is focusing on whether San Diego, whose chances of advancing to the postseason are gradually decreasing due to sluggish performance, will use the ace of the starting and relief teams as a trade card.

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