Professional Basketball Coaches Song Young-jin and Kim Seung-gi

Professional Basketball Coaches Song Young-jin and Kim Seung-gi “Mental Strength Issues” Lee Gu-dong-seong

KT, 5 consecutive wins this season over Sono… Allowing chase at the end of the game is a joke

Suwon KT’s coach Song Young-jin, who won all 5 games against Goyang Sono this season,

and coach Kim Seung-gi of the ‘lost’ Sono,

who lost 5 games in a row to KT, both emphasized mental strength to their players. 바카라사이트

KT defeated Sono 92-89 in the 2023-2024 CheongKwanJang Professional Basketball Regular League away game held at Sono Arena in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province on the 5th,

and went on to win all five games against Sono this season.

KT Coach Song Young-jin

They have recently won three games in a row, widening their lead over third-place Changwon LG by one game and solidifying second place.

KT coach Song Young-jin, the leader of the team, reflected, “In the first half, both the players’ physical and mental strength were weak,

but in the second half, the senior players and Paris Bass worked hard to achieve a valuable victory.”

Although they won the game, KT was lacking in terms of content,

as they were chased by Sono’s fierce pursuit right before the end of the game and ended up winning by 3 points,

even though the lead was up to 11 points at one point in the 4th quarter.

Coach Song said, “A player’s duty is to do his best on the court,

but today there was a mental problem,” and pointed out areas that need improvement even in the victory.

Regarding Ha Yoon-ki, who played full time on this day and played a big role with 25 points and 8 rebounds,

he praised him, saying, “I should have been considerate (of playing time),

but it’s a shame (I couldn’t do that).

Coach Kim Seung-gi

Thank you for playing well even though it must have been difficult.”

He then added, “If the game went well, I can take a break.”

“I would have granted it, but it didn’t work out, so I think I wasn’t able to allocate playing time well,” he said.

Coach Kim Seung-gi of Sono, which suffered its fifth straight loss to KT,

also pointed out the mental strength of the players.

The Coach Kim pointed out, “In order to win the game,

all players had to be alert and carry out strategies,

but that wasn’t the case,” adding, “There were too many ridiculous defensive mistakes.”

Coach Kim Seung-gi pledged to ‘create and develop’ the players after the season.

Coach Kim specifically mentioned rookie Park Jong-ha, who recorded 3 turnovers that day,

saying, “I made a lot of mistakes because I wasn’t in the right mindset,

but that shouldn’t happen next season.

I think I’ll have to work out a lot and be prepared next year.” He said.

Coach Kim emphasized, “If you leave it alone, you are not a coach,” and predicted intense training,

saying, “If we keep doing this, we are bound to lose every time,” and added,

“We will train the players harshly after the season.”

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