“My football philosophy is to win with a winning mentality,” says Kim Sang-sik on his ‘arrival’ at Vietnam national team

Kim Sang-sik, the new head coach of the Vietnam national soccer team, emphasized “loyalty” and “winning mentality.

Kim officially took charge of the Vietnam National Football Team on June 6 (KST) at a ceremony held at the Vietnam Football Association in Hanoi, Vietnam. Kim will be in charge of both the Vietnam A and U-23 national teams for two years. He will be joined by Choi Won-kwon, the former head coach of Daegu FC.

Trousier was appointed in February last year after Park Hang-seo stepped down as head coach of the Japan national soccer team. However, Vietnam struggled under Tru Xie. The Vietnam Football Association finally sacked Tru Xie on March 26 following a 0-3 loss to Indonesia in the fourth match of Group F of the 2026 North and Central American World Cup Asia Second Qualifying Round. 홀덤사이트 Vietnam remains in third place in the second round of qualifying.

“I am excited and happy to work with Mr. Tuan and other officials of the federation and the Vietnamese national soccer players I will meet in the coming days,” Kim said at his appointment ceremony.

He emphasized two things. “‘Loyalty’ is the best word to describe my life in football. One of my favorite football sayings is ‘No player beats the team’. As a player, I was a player who sacrificed for the team and played for the team.” “Since becoming a coach, there have been many twists and turns, but managing a superstar player in a team, motivating players and delivering results. I hope that in Vietnam, all players can once again become loyal players through healthy competition.”

Another is the “winning mentality.” Winning soccer is ingrained in him from his time as a player, coach and manager in Jeonbuk. “My soccer philosophy is winning soccer based on a winning mentality,” he says. “It’s a miracle to win every game in soccer,” he says, “but I think we need to play a football that challenges persistently with the determination to win every game and the spirit of sacrifice. I believe that if everyone has a winning mentality and fights as a team, we will get the results we want. I will do my best to make this philosophy a reality on the pitch.”

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