AI Sector Attention Expected to Start Rising KOSPI

he KOSPI is expected to start higher on the 12th.
As artificial intelligence (AI) related stocks showed an upward trend in the New York Stock Exchange the previous day, related beneficiary stocks are expected to draw attention in the domestic stock market.

On the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) the previous day, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 38,459.08, down 2.43 points (0.01%) from the previous day.
The S&P 500 rose 38.42 points (0.74%) from the previous session to 5,199.06, and the Nasdaq Composite rose 271.84 points (1.68%) from the previous session to 16,442.20.

The New York Stock Exchange recorded an upward trend in March after the announcement that the Producer Price Index (PPI) eased compared to the previous month.
The U.S. Labor Department reported that the PPI rose 0.2% month-on-month in March on a seasonally adjusted basis.

This is below the expert estimate of 0.3% compiled by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ).
In addition, as large technology companies such as Apple and Amazon have released plans to launch AI-based applications in earnest, expectations for positive effects such as investment expansion and cost reduction have increased.

Nasdaq Index Semiconductors Strong

This led to the Nasdaq Composite, the VanEck semiconductor ETF, and the Philadelphia semiconductor index gaining ground.
Apple jumped more than 4 percent as it said it plans to launch its Mac range equipped with M4 chips that provide AI functionality and enhance memory performance later this year or early next year.

Amazon announced in its annual shareholder letter that it would expand its investment in AI, sending the stock to an all-time high.

Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) Korea Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) rose 2.5 percent and MSCI Emerging Index ETF rose 0.6 percent.
Eurex KOSPI 200 futures rose 0.3%.

Considering this, the KOSPI is expected to start around 0.4~0.7% higher on the same day.
Kim Seok-hwan, a researcher at Mirae Asset Securities, said, “The local stock market is expected to move somewhat calmly considering that some of the stock markets were reflected on the previous day.”
“However, given that large U.S. technology companies are moving to expand the AI ecosystem, industries and stocks that can directly or indirectly benefit are expected to be differentiating points,” he analyzed.

NH Investment & Securities Research Institute said that supply and demand is likely to be concentrated in the most obvious areas within the stock market due to increased uncertainties related to prices, interest rates, and oil prices in the short term.
“We recommend a portfolio focused on areas related to AI investment by big U.S. tech companies such as semiconductors,” he said.

“For stocks related to corporate value-up programs, it is rather a buying opportunity if there is further volatility in related stocks at a time when the possibility of weakening policy momentum has already been reflected in stock prices since the end of March,” 토토사이트 said.

Meanwhile, the New York differential forward exchange rate (NDF) won-dollar exchange rate for one month is 1,366 won, and considering this, the won-dollar exchange rate is expected to start 1 won higher on the same day.

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