Director Ko Hee-jin, Director Jeong Kwan-jang, ‘Please take care of the order of victory F·B·S·O’

Coach Heejin Jeong watches the players play.

How much of a coach’s share of a sports team’s performance does he or she have?

Due to the effect of coach Jürgen Klinsmann (60), a consensus has been formed among Korean sports fans that ‘the coach is important in soccer.’

On the other hand, ‘Athletic’, a sports media outlet, published an article saying, ‘The manager has little influence on the results of soccer games.’

So how much influence does a coach have on a volleyball game?

Director Ko Hee-jin during a TV interview.

When looking for answers to these questions, director interview retotories are often helpful.

When people speak, they often emphasize what they think is important.

In that sense, it can be assumed that Korean professional volleyball coaches consider themselves responsible for the ‘first attack after receiving’. 파워볼사이트

This is because the V-League is a league where almost all coaches, especially the loss leader ‘No. 18’, are ‘receivers’.

Lee So-young receiving a serve in front of foreign player Jia.

The reason coaches emphasize receiving is because they believe that the more accurate the receiving, the better the ‘promised play’ can be.

And this belief is not far from the truth.

In the 109 women’s games this season, held until the 27th, the attackers left an offensive efficiency of 0.385 after receiving accurately.

Otherwise, the attack efficiency drops by more than a third to 0.252.

Korea Expressway Corporation Myeong-ok Lim (52.3%) and Jeong-won Moon (51.5%) took first and second place as individuals.
However, receiving accuracy does not directly lead to scores.

For example, among the seven women’s teams, the team with the highest receiving efficiency is Korea Expressway Corporation (42.9%).

However, even when the receiving rate is accurately increased, the offensive efficiency left by Korea Expressway Corporation players is 0.357, which is lower than the league average.

On the other hand, Hyundai Engineering & Construction, ranked 5th in receiving efficiency (34.9%), had a team attack efficiency of 0.440 (1st) in the same situation.

If one record does not lead to another, you can take a shortcut.

If you look at the percentage of successful attacks immediately after receiving, you can see how well the manager has prepared the receiving operation.

So the concept that appeared in the world is FBSO (First Ball Side Out).

FBSO means when the opponent serves → receive → set (toss) → attack ends with a score, as shown in the GIF above.

Good receiving does not necessarily mean good FBSO.
The club with the highest FBSO success rate (41.2%) in the women’s division this season is CheongKwanJang.

Jeong Kwan-Jang is ranked 3rd in receiving efficiency (36.5%), but is ranked 1st in FBSO as the starting setter Yeom Hye-sun (33) is playing stably.

Coach Ko Hee-jin said ahead of the visit to Gimcheon on the 27th, “(Yeom) Hye-sun is doing well. She said, “The players who receive it do a good job, and the attackers do a good job of handling what she puts up.”

He added, “As it is volleyball without individual dribbling, the synergy effect between each other is working well.” 슬롯

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