Prosecutors seek 4 years in prison for Hwang Ui-jo’s sister-in-law for ‘distributing video and making threats’

Admitted to charges of disseminating and threatening personal videos on social media and canceled the interrogation of his brother’s witness

The prosecution requested a prison sentence for the sister-in-law of Hwang Ui-jo (32, Alanyaspor), a former national soccer team player who was accused of illegal filming, who was sent to trial on charges of distributing private videos and making threats.

The prosecution sentenced Hwang’s sister-in-law, Mr. A, to four years in prison at the trial held on the 28th at the Criminal Agreement Division 31 of the Seoul Central District Court (Presiding Judge Park Jun-seok).

Initially, Mr. A’s spouse, Mr. Hwang’s older brother, was scheduled to appear as a witness at the trial on this day, but the witness examination was canceled as Mr. A recently changed his stance to admit to all the charges. 스포츠 토토사이트

The court conducted an evidence investigation after switching the trial to a private trial in order to play the video filmed by Mr. Hwang, which was the key evidence in this case.

From the investigation process to the beginning of the trial, Mr. A’s side has maintained that he was falsely accused, claiming that the crime was committed due to third-party intervention, such as hacking of the Internet router and social networking (SNS) accounts.

However, after suddenly changing his position to admit to the charges on the 20th, Mr. A is known to have submitted a handwritten statement of remorse. He is reported to have stated in his reflection, “I committed the crime to scold my brother-in-law (Hwang Ui-jo), who did not acknowledge the devotion of his brother and his wife, and to make him rely on us again.”

In June of last year, Mr. A claimed to be Mr. Hwang’s former lover and shared photos and sex videos of Mr. Hwang and other women on social media, claiming that Mr. Hwang had relationships with many women and caused harm to them, and accused Hwang of being a former lover. He was charged with making threats.

When her video was distributed, Ms. Hwang sued Ms. A on charges of threatening her, and during her investigation, Ms. A’s identity was identified. It is said that Ms. A has been acting as Mr. Hwang’s manager.

The prosecution took over the case from the police in November of the same year and conducted a supplementary investigation. As a result of the investigation, it was revealed that Mr. A had distributed a video of her private life and threatened her by demanding that she withdraw the complaint. The distributed video has been requested to be deleted by the Seoul Digital Sex Crime Safety Support Center.

Meanwhile, the Cyber ​​Investigation Department of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency announced that Mr. Hwang, who is suspected of illegal filming and secondary assault, was sent to the prosecution without detention on the 8th. It is known that Hwang admitted to filming her, but maintained that it was not illegal because she filmed it with the other person’s consent. 슬롯게이밍

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