Row-Paragliding Subcommittee Annual General Meeting held in Mungyeong for the first time in Korea

Pilots from around the world are turning their attention to Mungyeong as the city hosts the first-ever annual plenary meeting of the FAI CIVL, the International Aviation Federation’s Commission for Hang and Paragliding.

The Korea Paragliding Association (KPGA) announced that the international meeting, which is being attended by hang and paragliding representatives from around the world, is being held at the Seoul National University Hospital Human Resources Center in Mungyeong-eup, Mungyeong-si, from April 26 to 29. Thirty-two people from 17 countries are attending the conference, which is also being broadcast via online video, bringing the total number of participants to 30 countries.

Mungyeong resumed hosting international competitions after a 13-year hiatus with the Mungyeong Paragliding World Cup Asian Tour in October 2022, followed by the successful hosting of the 2nd FAI Asian-Oceanic Paragliding Championship Test Event & Mungyeong PWC Asian Tour in 2023, cementing its position as one of the world’s leading paragliding destinations. This year, in addition to hosting the Annual General Assembly, Mungyeong will also be on the minds of pilots from around the world as it hosts the 2nd FAI Asian-Oceanic Paragliding Championship (CAT.1) in June.

“The decision to hold our annual meeting in Mungyeong, South Korea, reflects the recent surge in interest in hang-paragliding in Asian countries, and the full support of the KPGA and the city of Mungyeong,” said CIVL President Bill Hughes.

The four-day meeting will review and revise all regulations related to the operation and safety of hang and paragliding competitions, as well as the prevention of unfair competition practices. They will also bid for major events to be held in 2025 and beyond, finalizing venues and schedules.

On the evening of the 27th, the conference participants had the opportunity to experience Korean food and culture. With the support of the city of Mungyeong, they experienced 토토사이트 gochujang dipping, tasted Korean food and enjoyed the charm of K-food, and took photos in hanbok to capture the unique culture of Korea.

“Hosting the Annual General Meeting in Korea is a very important event that recognizes Korea’s high status in hang and paragliding sports around the world,” said Song Jin-seok, President of the Korea Paragliding Association. “The KPA will continue to strive to strengthen the global competitiveness of Korean athletes through safe and high-quality competition management, while maintaining close ties with other countries around the world to strengthen the image of Korea as an air sports powerhouse.”


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