Henrikh Mbappe, Varane, Griezmann? A dream lineup for France’s Olympic team?

The French Olympic team, led by French soccer legend Thierry Henry, has a fantastic lineup. Kylian Mbappe and Raphael Varane will be joined by Antoine Griezmann as a wild card.

“Mbappe and Griezmann will play together in the French Olympic squad,” French outlet Hoop Post recently reported. Griezmann could join the French Olympic team as a wild card,” according to a recent report.

France will host its first Olympics in 100 years in 2024 in the capital city of Paris. France’s goal is to win the gold medal at the Games on home soil. This is the main reason why the French Football Federation (FFF) appointed the “legend” just over a year before the Paris Games.

Henri has a wide range of players to choose from. Teams participating in the Olympics can take advantage of the wildcard system, which allows Henri to select the core of the French national team, along with some of the country”s up-and-coming talent, to go for gold.

The leading candidate is Kylian Mbappe. Mbappe is only 24 years old, but he is already considered a key attacker for the French national team, having scored 46 goals in 75 caps. That’s one of the top five all-time goalscorers for the French national team. Mbappe has also publicly expressed his desire to compete in the Olympics before. This is why Mbappe has been mentioned as a possible wildcard for Paris.

Fans can look forward to a meeting between the legendary French striker and the current France striker. The picture of the two together is enough to get fans excited.

In addition to Mbappe, France could also bring other players to the Olympics as wild cards. According to French publication L’Equipe, Varane has expressed his desire to play at the Olympics, so Henrikh Mkhitaryan could call him up to the squad.

Griezmann is also expected to join the squad. “Griezmann, who played a key role in winning the 2018 World Cup in Russia, will be one of the wild cards in the French Olympic 스포츠토토 team. He could partner Mbappe, who has expressed his desire to play in Paris on several occasions, in the attacking line and his dream could come true. The French Olympic team has assembled its most competitive team yet and will be aiming to win gold for the first time since Los Angeles 1984.”

“I’ll talk to my team about it,” Griezmann said, “and we’ll talk about going to the Olympics. I’m in good shape,” he said, adding that he would love to play.

Adding Griezmann to Mbappe and Baran would complete a dream lineup. Kamabinga, Saliba, Emery, and others who have already established themselves as key players in the national team are of Olympic age, and there are a number of younger players who have been playing on the European stage.

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