Ji-ni Kim and Namu Lee, 3rd place in figure skating team event ice dance I see a medal

3rd place after France and the United States Earn 3 points

Jinni Kim-Namu Lee, a beautiful challenge

Korea’s promising ice dance team, Ji-ni Kim and Namu Lee (Gyeonggi Provincial Skating Federation), appeared as the first runners in the figure skating team event at the Youth Olympic Games and took third place out of five teams.

The team of Jini Kim and Namu Lee received 44.37 technical points (TES), 37.78 artistic points (PCS), and a total of 82.15 points in the ice dance free dance held at the Gangneung Ice Arena in Gangwon-do on the 1st, defeating Ambre Perrier and Samuel Blanc (France, 97.69 points). points), followed by Olivia Illin and Dylan Kane (USA, 88.63 points).

Korea earned 3 points in the first event thanks to the performance of the two players.

Korea’s medal status will depend on the performance of Kim Hyeon-gyeom (Hangwang High School) in the men’s singles and Ji-ah Shin (Yeongdong Middle School) in the women’s singles held this afternoon.

Jinni Kim and Namu Lee started their performance to the melody of the original soundtrack of the free dance program The Greatest Showman and calmly warmed up with a one-foot step sequence.Jinni Kim received level 3, and Namu Lee received level 2.

Afterwards, he elegantly performed a diagonal step sequence utilizing the entire silver board.Here, Jinni Kim scored level 2 and Namu Lee recorded level 1.

The two completed the straight line lift, in which the male athlete wraps around the female athlete, at level 4 without any mistakes, and even performed the choreographic assisted jump, where they performed a jump together, elegantly.

The two players’ acting went smoothly.The dance spin where people hold each other and spin around each other received level 4.

The synchronized twizzle, which was a mistake in the individual ice dance competition, was a bit disappointing this time too.

As Lee Namu’s steps got tangled, his point of execution (GOE) was reduced by 0.41 points.

In the Choreographic Character Step Sequence, a GOE score of 0.22 was deducted due to attention (careful use of edges).

However, the two athletes smiled brightly after performing the highly technical rotational lift (level 4) without mistakes.

This is the first time that a national figure skating team event is held at the Youth Olympic Games, which started in 2012.

Until the previous competition, players from each country formed teams and competed regardless of nationality.

Five teams participated in this competition, including Korea, China, France, the United States, and Canada. 19가이드03

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