“Toward the gold medal in Paris” Hwang Seon-woo and Woo Sang-hyuk leave for overseas training on the same day 

Hwang Sun-woo (20, Gangwon Provincial Office) and Woo Sang-hyuk (27, Yongin City Hall) said, “We have a similar direction.”Although we play different sports and are not close friends, we occasionally exchange messages and support each other.The goal for 2024 is the same.Sunwoo Hwang aims to win the 200m freestyle swimming and Sanghyuk Woo aims to win the high jump in track and field at the 2024 Paris Olympics. Coincidentally, the two departed for field training on the same day, the 5th.Sunwoo Hwang left for Queensland, Australia with Woomin Kim, Jaehoon Yang (Gangwon Provincial Office), Hojun Lee (Daegu Metropolitan City Hall), and Yuyeon Lee (Goyang City Hall).The Korea Swimming Federation selected the men’s freestyle athletes as ‘special strategic training athletes for the Paris Olympics’ and sent them to Australia.They will be training jointly with the University of the Sunshine Coast’s swimming team until February 3 and receive guidance from coach Michael Pulferry.Woo Sang-hyuk boarded a plane to Munich, Germany.We plan to increase the intensity of training in Europe and also compete in indoor competitions.The two will also compete in another major competition ahead of the Paris Olympics, which opens in July.

The 2024 Doha World Aquatics Championships opens on February 2.The management category will be held from February 11th.Sunwoo Hwang will compete in the 200m freestyle preliminaries on the afternoon of February 12th in Korean time, the semifinals on the morning of the 13th, and the finals on the morning of the 14th.Hwang Seon-woo, who took second place at the 2022 Budapest World Championships and third place at the 2023 Fukuoka World Championships, becoming the first Korean swimmer to reach the podium two times in a row, is aiming to win a medal for the third time in a row in Doha.If the third medal of a personal career is decorated in gold, expectations for the Paris Olympics will increase.Before leaving the country on the 5th, Hwang Sun-woo said, “I have a silver and bronze medal at the World Championships, but this time I have a strong desire to win the gold medal, which I was unable to win.” He added, “I want to win both the individual and team events (men’s 800m relay) in Paris. I want to win 1 minute in the 200m freestyle. “Breaking the record of 43 seconds is the biggest task this year. Our members’ goal is to enter the 무료슬롯게임 6th squad for relay races,” he said.

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