‘One-two Punch for the Fall’ Shin Min-hyuk

‘One-two punch for the fall’ Shin Min-hyuk, 6⅓ innings scoreless… First PS Win in my Life

Professional baseball NC Dinos native starting pitcher Shin Min-hyuk (24) has been reborn as a ‘one-two punch’ with Eric Peddy this fall.

Shin Min-hyuk

Shin Min-hyuk pitched 6 innings in the 2nd game of the playoffs (PO) against KT Wiz held at Suwon KT Wiz Park on the 31st, allowing 1 hit, 1 walk, 2 strikeouts, and no runs.

The game ended with NC’s 3-2 victory, and Shin Min-hyuk was named Daily Most Valuable Player (MVP) along with being the winning pitcher in his first postseason (PS).

It wasn’t a powerful pitch like Peddie, who had the most strikeouts (12) in a PO game in the first game the previous day,

but he silenced the KT batting line with efficient and smart pitching. 카지노사이트

Shin Min-hyuk threw a total of 81 pitches, including 35 changeups, 28 cut fastballs, and 15 fastballs.

With the changeup, which was the deciding pitch, he completely stole the timing of KT batters and induced 18 hitters, including 12 fly balls and 6 ground balls.

He also continued to have an advantage in the ball count battle,

recording a strike rate of 66% (54 out of 81 pitches).

The only batters who got more than three balls in an at-bat against Shin Min-hyuk were Park Byeong-ho in the 4th inning,

Kim Sang-soo in the 6th, and Anthony Alford in the 7th.

Shin Min-hyuk, who started the first inning easily with a three-way throw,

allowed a double to Moon Sang-cheol after two outs in the second inning.

NC Dinos

However, Shin Min-hyuk continued to fight back as if his shoulders felt lighter when the NC batting line added 1 run in the top of the 3rd inning to take a 3-0 lead, and made 4 consecutive three-way innings from the 3rd to 6th innings.

After two outs in the second inning, No. 6 batter Moon Sang-cheol hit the first hit, and after one out in the seventh inning,

No. 3 batter Alford got his first walk, allowing 14 batters to hit in a row.

Shin Min-hyuk guided Park Byeong-ho to a grounder in front of the third baseman in the 7th inning,

when he gave up a walk, but all runners survived due to second baseman Park Min-woo’s catching error.

In the end, Shin Min-hyuk passed the ball to bullpen Ryu Jin-wook,

Ryu Jin-wook pitched the 7th inning without getting a follow-up hit, protecting Shin Min-hyuk’s scoreless run.

NC, which gave up 2 runs in the bottom of the 8th inning,

was pressured with 1st and 3rd bases out and no outs in the bottom of the 9th,

but preserved the victory with a powerful throw by closer Lee Yong-chan and a super catch by shortstop Kim Joo-won.

In the first game of the semi-playoffs, Shin Min-hyuk’s fall baseball debut on the 22nd,

he supported the team’s victory with a pitching pitch of 5⅔ innings, allowing 4 hits, 1 walk, 3 strikeouts, and no runs.

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