North Korean Reporters “Bang Cheol-mi is a National Hero

[Asian Games] North Korean Reporters “Bang Cheol-mi is a National Hero… She Will Win a Gold Medal”

“(Bang Cheol-mi) is a national hero.

She will definitely win (a gold medal).”

North Korean media reporters who met ahead of the match between Lim Ae-ji and North Korea’s Bang Cheol-mi in the 50-54kg women’s boxing class held at the Hangzhou Gymnasium on the afternoon of the 24th could not hide North Korea’s expectations for Bang.

They first responded when asked about Bang.

Bang Cheol-mi

He showed caution by saying, “I’m busy” and “I won’t say anything,” 카지노사이트

but he nodded when asked repeatedly whether he was there to cover the story of Bang.

When reporters asked him if he expected to win a gold medal,

he nodded and answered that he would definitely win.

At the same time, when asked if there was a lot of interest in Bang Cheol-mi in North Korea, he answered “yes.”

It is unusual for North Korean reporters to be spotted at this year’s Hangzhou Asian Games.

This can be interpreted as showing North Korea’s high expectations for Bang.

However, the reporters did not reveal specific affiliations and positions.


They were also caught having a small argument with the tournament management

regarding the right to take photos and videos inside the stadium.

Bang Cheol-mi, a member of the Geumgangsan Sports Team,

was the winner of the women’s 51kg class at the 2019 Asian Championships,

also won the ‘Republic Championships’ in North Korea last year.

He won a silver medal at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang.

He was also selected as one of North Korea’s ‘Top 10 Best Players’ in 2018, 2021, and 2022.

At the opening ceremony the previous day,

Bang served as a flag bearer along with shooting athlete Park Myeong-won.

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