With a move to German football giants Bayern Munich on the horizon, ‘express striker’ Harry Kane has had a number of roles at Tottenham (England).With Tottenham set to part ways with goalkeeper Hugo Lloris, who has worn the captain’s armband since the 2015-2016 season, the first choice for the club’s next captain was naturally the iconic Kane. But with Kane off to Germany to join Munich, manager Enzi Postecoglou couldn’t avoid being asked about the new captain. “I have made a decision, but I can’t tell you (now),” Postecoglou told reporters at a press conference on 11 November, according to British outlet Football London. We will carry out the process (of selecting a captain) tomorrow,” he said, adding, “We have seen how the players react to the environment, how they treat their colleagues and how they try to lead.” “Is Son Heung-min a candidate?” he asked .”This is not a ‘leadership poll’,” Postecoglou said in a principled response.” There are players who have already contributed so much to the team. It’s not just about experience and ability, it’s about what kind of person they are and how they represent the team and the squad.” Since joining Tottenham in 2015, Son Heung-min has become the club’s most senior player .Aside from Joris and Kane, only Eric Dier and Ben Davies have been with the club longer than Son. Both joined the club in 2014, but neither has enjoyed ‘first team’ status for as long as Heung-min. In fact, neither player was a regular in Tottenham’s starting eleven when they were runners-up in the UEFA Champions League (UCL) in the 2018-2019 season. Son and Kane are the only players left from that starting eleven .Moreover, both are defenders whose recent performances have significantly reduced their place in the team. Tottenham conceded 63 goals last season, the most of any team in the top 10.For now, apart from the captaincy, Postecoglou plans to play Son Heung-min to fill the void left by Kane. Postecoglou said that there will be times when he will use Son in the frontline ‘one’ position that Kane used to play.”I know Son Heung-min well and I’ve seen how he’s progressed in his career. I have no doubt he can play in the centre,” he said. “Managers adjust their teams in their own way, and I know there are some aspects that are not suitable for Son to play as a striker. But in the way we want to play, it’s different, and within that, there is definitely an option for him to play as a 스포츠토토존 centre-forward. “As well as his club, former national team manager Paulo Bento has also been known to use the ‘nail’ tactic of playing Son up front to capitalise on his decisiveness. He also cautiously offered his own assessment of Kane’s achievements at Tottenham.” Kane is obviously one of the greatest players in the team,” Postecoglou said. That doesn’t change,” he said. “The records speak for themselves. Kane’s status among our fans also proves that .”Kane has scored 280 goals in 435 official appearances in a Tottenham shirt. His 213 goals in the league alone rank second all-time in that category. Kane arrived in Munich, Germany, earlier in the day and completed his first medical, Sky Sports reported He will complete the rest of the process, including a follow-up medical, to officially become a Munich player. The Bavarians are home to South Korea’s top defender, Kim Min-jae.

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