Explosion at an ammunition depot in Crimea… Russian journalist covering Ukraine war dies

Explosion at an ammunition depot in Crimea… Russian journalist covering Ukraine war killed

Another explosion occurred at an ammunition depot in Crimea, Ukraine, which is occupied by Russia.

Russia announced that a journalist covering the war had been killed by a cluster bomb in Ukraine.

After the bombing of the Crimean Bridge, the two countries continue to retaliate, and the fighting seems to be getting more and more intense

Russia said on the 22nd local time, an ammunition depot located in Krasnovardiske, Crimea, was attacked by a Ukrainian drone and exploded.

The head of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Sergey Aksyonov, announced that he had ordered the evacuation of residents within a five-kilometer radius and suspension of railway service.

Traffic on the Crimean Bridge, the pride of President Putin, connecting Crimea and mainland Russia, was also restricted for about an hour in the morning.

On the 19th, just three days after an explosion and a fire broke out at a military training ground in the Kirovski region of Crimea, Ukraine acknowledged its airstrikes at the time.

Russia also said it suffered damage from Ukraine’s use of cluster bombs.

It is claimed that four Russian war correspondents were killed or injured by cluster bombs in Belogod and Zaporizhia, on the border with Ukraine.

<Vadim Astafyev / Director of the Press Center of the Russian Southern Army> “Four journalists were seriously injured in a cluster bomb attack by the Ukrainian army.

Ukraine also said Russian airstrikes destroyed grain silos and industrial facilities in the south.


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