20 people ‘wow’ at the intrusion of abusive spectators

occurred because of one of the spectators at the Tour de France, the world’s greatest cycling event.

A robber who broke into a nail salon in the United States immediately exited embarrassingly.

Let’s meet at the global village site capture.

Cyclists race along the road at the entrance of the village.

The players who were following the lead suddenly lost their balance and fell like dominoes.

A spectator reached out his arm to take a selfie with the players in the background and bumped into the player.

As the player who lost his balance fell, about 20 other players who were closely following him also collided and fell.

Even in the last 2021 game, a spectator said he wanted to come out on TV and broke into the stadium with a sign, causing about 50 players to fall.

A quiet American nail salon where people chat.

A man who opened the store door, pointed a bag that looked like a gun at people, and threatened them to give them money.

<Soundbite Sound> “Everybody get down! Give me all the money you have! Take the money out of your pocket and give it to me!”

However, the owner of the shop, as well as his customers, are all squeamish.

One woman even shrugs her shoulders and walks out without hesitation.

Customers who ignore the threat no matter how much they threaten them, and eventually even the robber leaves the store as if giving up.

Police responded to a residential area in Louisville, Texas, USA.

There are even residents who fell over while hunting pigs

Many streams of water pour down from the overpass.

It’s like looking at a giant artificial waterfall.

A lot of rain fell at once in Sichuan, China, and water overflowed the bridge.

Some areas recorded more than 300 mm of precipitation in a single day.

So far, it has been a field capture of the global village. (nanjuhee@yna.co.kr)


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