Son Heung-min failed to renew his contract, triggering Tottenham’s ‘one-year extension option’

Tottenham Hotspur is expected to continue its short-term companionship with captain Son Heung-min (32), not a long-term contract.

British media Football Insider exclusively reported on the 1st (Korea Standard Time) that Son Heung-min agreed to issue an option to extend his one-year contract with Tottenham.

The media reported, “According to a 토토사이트 source, Son Heung-min agreed to extend his one-year contract with Tottenham.”

The media said, “Son Heung-min’s contract expires next summer, but this extension will allow him to be tied up until 2026 for now,” adding, “With this, Tottenham will have the option to make a long-term plan for Son Heung-min or sell him at a larger transfer fee next summer, similar to the case of Harry Kane (Bayern Munich).”

Son Heung-min can extend his contract by one year during the contract period

Son Heung-min, who is under contract with Tottenham until June 30, 2025, includes an option clause that allows him to extend his contract by one year during the contract period.

If Son, who still has one year left on his contract, finishes his contract as it is, Tottenham cannot collect Son’s transfer fee under the Boseman rule. However, if the contract is extended by one year, he will not be required to send Son as a free agent.

“Tottenham will have the option of selling Son at a huge transfer fee next summer. It is similar to selling Harry Kane. Or he could sign a long-term contract with Son and tie him up,” the media said. “Of course, the biggest problem for Tottenham is persuading him to be the right team to win at the club level.”

Tottenham predicted that they would somehow catch Son Heung-min.

“Losing Son Heung-min would be a huge loss for Coach Postecoglou, considering his team’s style and contribution to scoring goals. Last season, he proved himself to be a very important player with 17 goals and 10 assists in 35 league games,” he said, predicting that Tottenham will somehow keep Son.

Spursweb, which reports on Tottenham’s news, said on the 28th of last month, “The only reason Tottenham is activating Son Heung-min’s option for a one-year extension is to improve the negotiating position while discussing a new contract with Son Heung-min. Tottenham is expected to tie Son Heung-min to a new three- to four-year contract before the new season begins.”

Global sports media The Athletic also reported last month, “Tottenham plans to tie Son Heung-min to the club by 2026 by invoking the option of extending one year.”

Son Heung-min will be tied to the club by 2026

The media then explained, “Son Heung-min enjoyed the joy of restoring his performance and is essential as a captain,” adding, “Tottenham will also invoke the option of extending one year and tie Son Heung-min to the club until 2026.”

Son Heung-min, who renewed his contract in 2021, proved his class by becoming the first Asian player to score in the Premier League that year, and later recorded his third league 10-10 in his career to become a Premier League legend.

Attention is focusing on whether Tottenham will choose between a long-term contract or a one-year contract extension for captain Son Heung-min, who is making all-time moves.

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