French fries are off the menu at the Paris Olympic Village…

With the opening of the Paris Olympic Games just over a month away, the cafeteria at the Athletes’ Village has been revealed.

The Paris Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games held a demonstration of the athletes’ village cafeteria on the 26th (KST) and revealed its plans to operate the cafeteria at the Paris Olympics.

“The organizing committee unveiled an eco-friendly version of French recipes,” AFP reported, adding that “French fries will not be served.”

The restaurant in the athletes’ village will have 3,300 seats, divided into six sections, and half of the 50 daily menus will consist of 100 percent vegetarian dishes.

French fries are not on the menu at the Olympic Village.

“McDonald’s, a longtime sponsor of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), had a store in the athletes’ village until the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro,” AFP reported, adding that “athletes who want French fries will have to travel to downtown Paris (outside the village).”

Estelle Lamotte, deputy manager of the athletes’ village cafeteria, explained that the fries were removed from the menu for technical reasons, as the kitchen in the village does not have a deep fryer.

Another focus of the Games’ food menu is an increase in vegetarian options to reduce carbon emissions.

Sixty percent of the food served to fans in the stadium will be vegetarian, and the food in the skateboarding, BMX, and breaking arenas will be meat-free.

To reduce carbon emissions, only two of the six dining areas in the Athletes’ Village are air-conditioned. The other four areas will have shade and fans to minimize the heat.

“The temperature was 27 degrees on the day of the unveiling, and there were quite a few people sweating,” AFP reported.

“In addition to French culture and heritage, visitors to the Games will also be looking forward to the food,” said Tony Estange, president of the Paris Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games. “We are proud to offer athletes from around the world a taste of French culinary excellence.” 카지노사이트 추천

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