Director Lee Seung-yeop, Who Scolded Raul Alcantara

Director Lee Seung-yeop, who scolded Alcantara, now smiles brightly, “We are family”

Alcantara, satisfied with 78 pitches after returning, “I was planning on 70 pitches…”

Manager Lee Seung-yeop’s expression toward Doosan Bears foreign pitcher Raul Alcantara changed 180 degrees.

When asked about Alcantara, who returned ahead of the 2024 professional baseball home game against KT Wiz held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 28th, Coach Lee Seung-yeop smiled brightly and said, “He is now our family, family.”

Alcantara left for the United States on the 25th of last month, saying he would undergo a more detailed examination after being diagnosed with a sprain on the outer side of his right elbow. 온라인카지노

Domestic medical staff concluded that the injury was not serious and that he could pitch after recovery, but Alcantara, concerned about a serious injury, left the team for a long time to see his doctor.

Coach Lee judged that Alcantara’s actions had a negative impact on the team atmosphere.

And in an interview with reporters, he did not hide his discomfort to the public, saying, “I am not in a good mood.”

Fortunately, no abnormalities were found in Alcantara during a thorough examination in the United States.

After returning home immediately, he took the mound in a visiting game against the KIA Tigers on the 26th, allowing 4 hits (3 home runs), 4 walks, and 5 runs in 3⅓ innings.

Although the superficial results are not that good, Coach Lee placed significance in the fact that Alcantara returned to a healthy body.

Manager Lee said, “Alcantara’s velocity was not bad,” and “In particular, he originally planned to throw about 70 pitches, but he threw close to 80 pitches.”

He added, “As this is the first game after returning, he will gradually improve,” and added, “After resting for about 10 days, he can start again.”

He also did not spare encouragement towards Alcantara.

Coach Lee said, “I’m not worried at all about Alcantara’s skills,” and “His mindset was no problem at all.”

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