From ‘The Glory’ to ‘Queen of Tears,’ Park Sung-hoon enjoys making name with villainous characters

Actor Park Sung-hoon plays the role of Yoon Eun-seong from tvN series “Queen of Tears.' Courtesy of tvN

Actor Park Sung-hoon had his global breakout, playing the insufferable antagonist Jeon Jae-jun in Netflix’s 2022 hit series “The Glory.” Fast-forward a couple of years, and the actor is flaunting another irresistible performance as a villain, Yoon Eun-seong, in tvN’s massive hit series “Queen of Tears.” “During my career, I’ve often had cases where people need to reference the roles I’ve played to explain me. But now, when they say Jeon Jae-jun, they recognize me right away, which felt good because I now have a nickname that people can put to a face,” the actor told The Korea Times during an interview held at his agency, BH Entertainment, in southern Seoul’s Gangnam District, Monday.“With ‘Queen of Tears,’ a lot of people started to call me Eun-seong. And it motivated me to work harder with different projects, hoping one day I’ll be remembered as Park Sung-hoon rather than Jeon Jae-jun and Yoon Eun-seong.”The rom-com series, which aired its finale Sunday with the network’s highest viewership rating in history at 24.9 percent, revolves around an estranged couple, Baek Hyun-woo (Kim Soo-hyun) and Hong Hae-in (Kim Ji-won), who are married for three years.Despite the fairytale love story of a normal country boy marrying a conglomerate heiress(Queens Group), Baek decides to divorce his egotistical and demanding wife. But his divorce plan takes a turn when Hong is diagnosed with cancer, leading him to meet a different side of Hong, finding hope in rekindling their marriage.Park plays Hong’s college friend, who comes back into her life with a devious plan to take over the company secretly with his birth mother who has been the mistress of the group’s president for decades. His character meets a tragic death after showing a twisted love for Hong.

The actor noted that he built the character focusing on his unyielding love for Hong.“I’ve discussed a few things with the series’ writer, Park Ji-eun, as I prepared for my roles, but she emphasized his love for Hong. Yoon always treats people with a facade, but his feelings for Hong were true and desperate,” he said, adding he hoped viewers feel sympathy towards the character’s end.“He doesn’t know how to be loved and to love so I feel his way of showing love came out twisted. Although Yoon was a villain, he had such dedicated love, in his opinion, towards Hong, so I think the ending felt a bit sorrowful and bitter,” he said. “(The series) shows his backstory which sort of explains why Yoon became such a person. So I also wished his ending would draw some sympathy.” As Yoon plays a great obstacle to Hong and Baek’s love story, the actor shared that he has received a lot of harsh comments from the series’ fans.“I’m actually not bothered or hurt by those direct messages (on social media) … Because they root for Hong and Baek, they have such feelings toward (my character). That’s how much they love and put interest in our series so I enjoy reading the comments,” he said.“Now I think perspectives have changed. Previously, people used to see the character as the actor’s real personality, but now, more people see it separately. So I try to think of it as compliments that I portrayed my character convincingly.”Park is set for another tent-pole project, “Squid Game” season 2, which is scheduled to premiere later this year. He hopes to be associated with the new character’s name from the series in the second half of the year.“(The series) put together such skilled actors, which made it more fun to work on set, watching their performances and co-acting with them. So I’ve had such a great time … Standing on the set and filming in that tracksuit felt so enthralling,” he said.“I’ve been called Jae-jun then Eun-seoung. So next, I hope I can be called by the character’s name from ‘Squid 카지노사이트킹 Game.’”

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