Mauricio Pochettino’s future as Chelsea manager is in doubt

Mauricio Pochettino’s future as Chelsea manager is in doubt.

Chelsea have been struggling this season. They’re in 11th place. They also missed out on the League Cup, losing to Liverpool in the first leg. Pochettino has been blamed for their struggles. After suffering one of their worst seasons last season, Chelsea hired the former Tottenham manager in a bid to rebound. He’s got plenty of support. He got rid of N’Golo Kante, Edouard Mendy, Kalidou Koulibaly, and Kai Havertz and brought in the likes of Moises Kaysedou, Romeo Rabia, 바카라사이트 and Christopher Nkunku. In the case of Kaysedo, he became the most expensive player in English Premier League history.

But as the season opened, Chelsea struggled.

Injuries to key players and a lack of quality up front have been blamed, but Pochettino’s poor mercenary skills have been more to blame. Despite the situation, Pochettino’s disembodied rhetoric, such as that he was not to blame and that he needed time, drew the ire of fans. ESPN journalist and soccer pundit Julien Laurent was furious. “No one can say that this team is improving. Every week, every game, you don’t see any sign of progress,” he said. “How much time do we have to give Mauricio Pochettino,” he said, “he’s been in charge since July 1 last year. I want to see something.” The first half was really at a level where we could have played. Nobody was moving, nobody was doing anything. The fullbacks don’t want to get involved, the attacking midfielders don’t want to do anything,” he said in frustration.

“There’s no pattern, there’s no trying to find the third man. “There’s no movement, no identity, no one running towards the space,” he continued. “There’s no movement, no identity. Even when you give the ball to Enzo Fernandez, there is no movement from the fullbacks or wingers. There’s no movement from the striker coming down between the lines, so of course Enzo can’t do anything. Enzo is good with the ball, but he’s not a wizard.”

The local consensus is that it will be difficult to rebound from this situation.

Although the Chelsea hierarchy has said that there is no immediate plan to sack Pochettino, they have not stopped looking for a successor. For now, owner Todd Boeley is in no rush to make a decision on Pochettino. He’s taking the long view, as he believes that frequent managerial changes have become toxic in recent years.

There are also practical reasons why Chelsea can’t afford to fire Pochettino. The English Premier League’s profitability and sustainability regulations (PSR). As we know, Chelsea has invested heavily since owner Todd Boeli took over the club. They’ve spent over £1 billion on players alone. Chelsea has considered releasing players to avoid the PSR, but it hasn’t worked out. In particular, they were planning to sell a number of homegrown players at a net profit, but Armando Broja left on loan.

Pochettino will be fined if he is sacked.

The squad that includes Sergio Perez, Miguel Diagostino, Toni Jimenez, and Sebastiano Pochettino would cost more than £10 million. Chelsea recently spent £23 million in penalty fees on the likes of Thomas Tuchel and Graham Potter. If Pochettino were to be sacked immediately, the penalty would immediately start counting against this season’s PSR. In this case, 안전 토토사이트 Chelsea would have to be punished. Chelsea”s last hope is to qualify for the Champions League, which is now out of the question. It’s ironic that the money is needed to qualify for the Champions League, and the money is needed to replace the manager.

According to the Guardian on Friday, Chelsea are evaluating Hubeng Amorim and Roberto De Zerbi as potential replacements for Pochettino. The problem is competition. In the case of De Jervy, not only Chelsea but also Liverpool and Man United are watching.

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