Richards and Dean also miss the 200m Hwang Sun-woo’s chances of winning his first world swimming championship increase

Sunwoo Hwang takes first place in the 2024 World Championships 200m freestyle entry record.

Sunwoo Hwang, Korea’s new 200m freestyle A new history with two consecutive World Championships medals

Sunwoo Hwang, who won the bronze medal, is holding up his medal at the men’s 200m freestyle medal ceremony at the 2023 World Aquatics Championships held at the Marine Messe Fukuoka Hall in Fukuoka, Japan on the 25th.On the left, silver medalist Tamdin of Great Britain, gold medalist Matthew Richards of Great Britain, and bronze medalist Hwang Sun-woo.

Matthew Richards (21) and Tom Dean (23, both of Great Britain), who took first and second place in the men’s 200m freestyle at the 2023 Fukuoka World Aquatics Championships, will only compete in other events at the 2024 Doha Games. do.

Hwang Seon-woo (20, Gangwon Provincial Office), who took third place after a close battle with Ritzer and Dean in Fukuoka, has a greater chance of winning his first long course (50m) World Championships gold medal in Doha, Qatar this year.

The 2024 Doha World Aquatics Championships Organizing Committee released the ‘entries for each event’ on the 1st (Korean time). 카지노사이트

A total of 68 people are scheduled to participate in Hwang Sun-woo’s main event, the men’s 200m freestyle.

In Korean time, the preliminary round will be held on the afternoon of the 12th, the semifinals on the morning of the 13th, and the final to determine the medal color will be held on the morning of the 14th.

Among the 68 athletes competing in the men’s 200m freestyle at the Doha World Championships, the athlete who stands out the most is Hwang Sun-woo, a leading figure in Korean management.

Sunwoo Hwang is ranked first in the Doha World Championships entry record for this event (record set from October 1, 2022 to December 19, 2023).

The 1 minute, 44.40 seconds set when winning the Hangzhou Asian Games in September last year was recognized as the ‘entry record.’

There is also a large gap with the entry record of 2nd place, Lucas Martens (Germany) of 1 minute 44.79 seconds.Luke Hobson (USA), third place in this category, recorded a time of 1 minute 44.87 seconds.

A total of four people, including 4th place Katsuhiro Matsuhiro (Japan, 1 minute 44.98 seconds), confirmed their participation in the Doha World Championships with a record of 1 minute 44 seconds.

Hojun Lee (Jeju City Hall) recorded 1 minute 45.56 seconds when he won the bronze medal at the Hangzhou Asian Games, ranking 6th in the entry record for the Doha World Championships.

It’s a gold medal!

Many swimming stars will not participate in the 2024 World Championships, which starts on the 2nd, to focus on the Paris Olympics, which will open in July 2024.

David Popovic (Romania), who won the men’s 100m and 200m freestyle at the 2022 Budapest World Championships, also announced that he would not participate.

Richards, the defending champion in the 200m freestyle at the Fukuoka Games, and Dean, runner-up in Fukuoka and gold medalist at the Tokyo Olympics, will participate in the Doha World Championships, but will not compete in the 200m freestyle.

Richards was only entered in the 100m freestyle, and Dean was only entered in the men’s 400m relay.

In Britain, Duncan Scott, a silver medalist at the Tokyo Olympics who is ‘past his prime’, will compete in the 200m freestyle.

Hwang Sun-woo took second place at the 2022 Budapest World Championships (1 minute 44.47 seconds) and third place at the 2023 Fukuoka World Championships (1 minute 44.42 seconds), becoming the first Korean swimmer to reach the podium two times in a row.

Despite the loss of many of his competitors, the possibility of Hwang Sun-woo winning his third World Championships medal in gold is growing.

Among Korean swimmers, only one, Park Tae-hwan (2007 Melbourne 400m freestyle, 2011 Shanghai 400m freestyle), has won a gold medal at the World Championships. 카지노사이트

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