Clayton Kershaw will remain with the Los Angeles Dodgers

Clayton Kershaw, 36, will remain with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Multiple outlets, including, ESPN, the New York Post, and Trade Rumors, reported on Sunday that Kershaw has agreed to stay with the Dodgers. There’s no word yet on the length of the deal or the amount of money, but it’s being treated as a done deal.

The New York Post’s John Heyman, citing sources, reported that “there is a growing belief that Kershaw will enter his 17th season in the big leagues with the Dodgers.’s Thomas Harrigan also broke the news of the agreement, reporting that an official announcement will be made after a physical scheduled for Sept. 9.

Kershaw appeared in 24 games last season, pitching 131.2 innings. 토토사이트 He finished with a decent 13-5 record and a 2.46 ERA.

However, he is rehabbing from shoulder surgery in November that ended his season.

Dr. Neil Elatrache, who has treated the likes of Shohei Ohtani and Ryu Hyun-jin, repaired the rotator cuff ligaments and joint capsule, making it difficult for him to return in the first half of the season. “I’m aiming to be back by the summer,” he said.

There have been some positive signs regarding his retention in recent days leading up to spring camp. Bears general manager Brandon Herrmann hinted at a re-signing, saying, “We’re still in contact with Kershaw, and we’re making progress.” Head coach Dave Roberts said, “I talked to him (on the cell phone) a couple days ago. He said he’s doing well,” Roberts said.

Another reporter who broke the news of Kershaw’s retention, Joel Sherman of the New York Post, wrote, “The Dodgers could place (Kershaw) on the 60-day disabled list on the first day of (player registration). That way, they don’t have to use up their 40-man roster spot.”

The Dodgers have been in the news for their aggressive moves during the stove league. They spent an astronomical amount of money on Ohtani, Yoshinobu Yamamoto, and Tyler Glasnow, but they didn’t do much with Kershaw.

However, given the special bond between Kershaw and the Dodgers, there was no reason to be skeptical.

The fact that he had shoulder surgery in the first place is a strong statement of intent to extend his career. It’s hard to imagine any other options for his destination.

A similar process occurred after the 2022 season. When he became a free agent, the question was where he would turn his sights. There was a lot of speculation and prediction in the media about where he would end up. It wasn’t until a month later in early December that it became official. It’s a one-year, $20 million deal. It included a $5 million signing bonus.

There was a lot of talk about it. The length of time, the amount of money. There was a lot of chatter about whether it was too little for a living legend.

A few days later, the story behind the contract broke. It was an interview with him on FOX Sports. It went something like this “The day after we lost the Division Series. I called Andrew (Friedman) myself. And I said, ‘I’ve made up my mind. That’s it.”

So there was a lot of chatter out there.

There was a lot of speculation that he was going to Texas. But he had made up his mind to stay with the Dodgers in the first place, and he told the organization as soon as the season was over.

There’s an important point. There was no mention of time or money. He explains “First, you choose where you want to pitch. The contract comes later. 파워볼실시간 It’s so peaceful to work this way, it’s how I do it for myself.”

FOX Sports asks, “So what do you care about?” The Hall of Famer replies, “Why did we lose the Division Series? “Why did we lose the Division Series, what did we lack, how can we make up for it, that’s what I think about a lot. That’s the most important part.”

Perhaps this time is no different. It’s a 36-year-old season where only the second half is possible. He’s willing to lay down on the operating table to burn off the last of it, because it’s the time he needs to have with Chavez Ravine and Dodger Stadium.

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