Samsung C&T Grass Environment Research Institute holds the 2nd Samsung Grass Seminar

Samsung C&T Grass Environment Research Institute seminar.

The Turf Environment Research Institute of the Golf Business Team of the Resort Division of Samsung C&T announced on the 16th that it held the 2nd Samsung Turf Seminar at the Samsung C&T Experience Innovation Academy in Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 15th. 카지노사이트랭크

The event, which was held with the purpose of disseminating lawn management know-how in response to rapid climate change, was attended by officials from the golf course for which the Turf Environment Research Institute is consulting and the Korean professional soccer K-League stadium.

Kim Gyeong-deok, director of the Turf Environment Research Institute, said, “Due to rapid climate change, lawn management cannot be done in the same way as before. We must flexibly operate fertilization, reagent planning, and watering using accumulated data to maintain good quality grass.” “He said.

Samsung C&T’s Turf Environment Research Institute, Korea’s first turf research institute established in 1993, provides course management for over 40 golf courses, including Anyang CC and Gapyeong Benest GC, operated by Samsung C&T, and provides turf consulting for 25 professional soccer K-League stadiums. 섯다

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