Korean Taekwondo, minimum 3, maximum 4 people participating in Paris Olympics lowest ever

Women’s 57kg class to participate in continental selection for Paris Olympics
Jang Jun and Park Tae-jun will have a tryout on February 1st. Winner goes to Paris

Taekwondo team training

The outline of the Taekwondo team participating in the 2024 Paris Olympics has been set.

Korea plans to send at least three and up to four athletes to the Paris Olympics.This is the lowest number of players in history since the ban on players from each country was eliminated.

An official from the Korea Taekwondo Association said on the 16th, “2 men and 1 woman will participate in the Paris Olympics, and one more woman can participate in the continental selections. As a result of today’s performance improvement committee meeting, the women’s 57kg will be included in the continental selections.” “We decided to send a representative player from the class,” he said.

Olympic Taekwondo is divided into men’s 58kg class, 68kg class, 80kg class, and over 80kg class, and women’s 49kg class, 57kg class, 67kg class, and over 67kg class.

In order to prevent medals from being concentrated in certain countries, the Olympic Taekwondo event was limited to a maximum of 4 participants per country, 2 men and women in each weight class, until the 2012 London Games, and from the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games, up to 8 participants, one per weight class, were allowed to participate. done.

Accordingly, Korea had 5 participants in the Rio de Janeiro competition and 6 participants in the 2020 Tokyo competition.

It was expected that Korea would send a team of athletes at the level of the Tokyo Games to the Paris Games.However, the players failed to meet expectations as they performed poorly in international competitions.

The right to participate in the Olympic Games is allocated through the World Taekwondo Federation (WT) Olympic rankings (1st to 5th place by weight class), WT Grand Slam Champions Series rankings, and continental selection competitions.

Korea qualified for the Olympic Games in only three weight classes, including the men’s 58kg class, the men’s 80kg class, and the women’s over-67kg class, and did not win a single ticket in the Grand Slam Champions Series. 파워볼사이트

In the men’s 58kg class, Jang Jun (Korea National Sport University, 3rd place) and Park Taejun (Kyung Hee University, 5th place) are in the top 5 in the WT Olympic rankings and meet the requirements for Olympic participation.

The two players will hold an evaluation match at the Jeju Halla Gymnasium on the 1st of next month, and the winner will advance to the Paris Olympics.

In the men’s 80kg class, Seo Geon-woo (Korea National Sport University, 4th place) and in the women’s over 67kg class, Lee Da-bin (Seoul City Hall, 3rd place) qualified.

Korea can win one more ticket through continental selection.

Only countries that have won less than two qualifications for men and women can participate in the continental selection competition, but Korea will participate in one weight class in the women’s division in accordance with the regulations.

This is the first time that Korean Taekwondo is participating in a continental selection event to qualify for the Olympics.

After an internal meeting on the 16th, the Korea Taekwondo Association decided to challenge for an Olympic ticket in the women’s 57kg class, and players who will participate in the continental selection competition will be selected at the Jeju Halla Gymnasium on the 1st of next month.

The continental selection competition is scheduled to be held in Tai’an, China in March.You have to be in the top two in each weight class to get a ticket to the Olympics.

Currently, the highest ranked Korean women’s 57kg WT world ranking is Lee Areum (Goyang City Hall), who is ranked 15th. 카지노사이트존

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