Asian Cup Veteran Defender Kim Young-kwon

Asian Cup Veteran Defender Kim Young-kwon “I’m Rather Glad that we Conceded a lot of Goals in the Group Stage”

Klinsmann’s veteran central defender Kim Young-kwon (Ulsan) said,

“I think it is fortunate that many of the goals were conceded in the group stage.”

Kim Young-kwon said this at a press conference held at the main media center (MMC) in Doha, Qatar, on the 29th,

a day before the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Qatar Asian Cup round of 16 match against Saudi Arabia.

Korea gave up 6 goals in 3 group stage games. 카지노

Kim Young-kwon

They gave up two more goals than the total goals conceded in the 2015 Australia Tournament (2 goals conceded),

where they finished runner-up, and the 2019 United Arab Emirates Tournament (2 goals conceded), where they reached the quarterfinals.

The poor defensive organization is one of the reasons why fans distrust the words of coach Jurgen Klinsmann, who loudly claims that winning is possible.

Kim Young-kwon, however, emphasized that Korea’s defense could improve.

He said, “In some ways, there are definitely problems (with the defense),

but I think it is fortunate that we came out of the group stage (conceding a lot of goals),”

and added, “If you concede goals like that in a tournament, it will have an impact on the result.

Everyone knows that they should not concede a large number of goals tomorrow” The player knows it well.

“I will prepare well and go into the game,” he said emphatically.

World Cup

Kim Young-kwon has good memories of Education City Stadium, where the round of 16 will be held.

He scored a 1-1 equalizer against Portugal in the third match of the group stage of the 2022 Qatar World Cup held here,

giving Korea a 2-2 victory. -1 contributed to the comeback win.

And Korea advanced to the round of 16.

Kim Young-kwon said, “I think the World Cup and the Asian Cup are different competitions, and it is true that a lot of players have changed,

the coach has also changed,” but added, “I will do my best in any position to help our national team win on the stadium with good memories.” He said.

Kim Young-kwon was substituted in the first game of the group stage of this tournament,

and was only listed as a substitute in the second game.

He entered the game as a starter for the first time in Game 3 and played full time.

The round of 16 match between Korea and Saudi Arabia will kick off at Al Rayyan’s Education City Stadium at 1 a.m. on the 31st, Korean time.

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