Kukkiwon holds the Proud Taekwondo Person Award Ceremony

Kukkiwon held the 2023 Proud Taekwondo Person Award Ceremony at the Samjeong Hotel in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the 19th.Kukkiwon’s highest honor, the Taekwondo Grand Prize, includes Song Bong-seop, Kukkiwon Senior Council member (national flag), Lee Gyu-seok, president of the Asian Taekwondo Federation (national flag), Park Hyun-seop, Kukkiwon Senior Council member (Jin In-jang), Kim Jeong-rok, Kukkiwon Technical Deliberation Technical Advisor (Jin In-jang), and Kim Jung-young. The president (cultural head) of the 9th Taekwondo Association was selected and awarded.In addition, dispatched instructor Jin-Woo Jin and Jeong-Hoon Joo, a national representative for the disabled, were honored with the Taekwondo Artist Award in the leader and athlete categories, respectively.

Lee Jae-bong, professor of Taekwondo Department at Korea National Sport University, won in the judging category, Heo Gap-cheol, Kukkiwon high-danja judge and evaluator, won in the judging category, and Asia Taekwondo Federation Poomsae Chairman Lee Jong-gwan won in the education category. Joong-gu Choi, CEO of AI Taekwondo Co., Ltd., is in the research division, Bong-ho Jang, CEO of Taekwon Narsha, is in the management division, Jae-do Choi, instructor at the Korea Taekwondo Association, is in the creative division, Hee-su Han, sports health advisor at Konkuk University’s Future Knowledge Education Center, is in the volunteer division, and Seon-jae Han, former secretary-general of Kukkiwon, is in the cultural division and Mathi. As Cardio, head of the Burkina Faso National Tax Service, received a special category award.The Taekwondo Grand Prize winner received a prize of 3 million won and a medal, and the Taekwondo Artist Award winner received 카지노사이트킹 a prize of 1 million won, a certificate, and a trophy.

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