‘4,000 points’ Shin Young-seok “Aging curve, words that keep me from getting tired”

Shin Young-seok (37, Korea Electric Power Corporation), the best middle blocker in the V-League men’s division, has achieved another meaningful milestone.In the OK Financial Group game held at Sangnoksu Gymnasium in Ansan on the 21st, he scored 8 points, including 5 blocking points, exceeding 4,000 points in his career.Shin Young-seok, who had scored 3,991 points before the game, added 8 points for a total of 4,001 points, becoming the 8th player in men’s history and the first middle blocker to achieve 4,000 points.After the game, Shin Young-seok said, “Actually, I didn’t even know I scored 3,000 points. They say I was the first middle blocker to score 3,000 points, but I was also the first to score 4,000 points.” He added, “I’m not far from retirement, so I thought it would be good to set many records. “I do it these days,” he said. He says ‘retirement’ with his mouth, but his eyes look further afield.Shin Young-seok pledged, “I scored 4,000 points, so I think I can score 5,000 points. It will take me 5 more years, but I will try to get to 5,000 points.”Shin Young-seok changes his uniform number every season to match the year.

He, who is wearing number 23 this year, laughed and said, “My goal is to reach number 30. The coach says, ‘I will take good care of your body, so keep playing until you are 45.’”For a volleyball player, age is not a problem for Shin Young-seok.I go out on the court every day thinking to myself the common saying, “Age is just a number.”Shin Young-seok said, “The word that follows like a label is ‘aging curve’ (deterioration of skills due to aging). That sound I hear every year stimulates me more and keeps me from getting tired I hope I hear that word more every year. There is proof of that.” “It’s a mission,” he said emphatically.Shin Young-seok, the strongest middle blocker in the men’s division, also shows courtesy to Yang Hyo-jin (Hyundai Engineering & Construction), the legendary ‘block queen’ in the women’s division.Yang Hyo-jin recently surpassed 1,500 blocking points for the first time in history, and is ranked first in the women’s division with 온라인카지노 a total score of 7,282 points.

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