Wrestling Kim Hyun-woo, Disappointing No Medal

[Asian Games] Wrestling Kim Hyun-woo, Disappointing No Medal… Lost 3-5 in the Bronze Medal Match

The Kim Hyun-woo (34, Samsung Life Insurance), the star of Korean wrestling, unfortunately failed to win a medal in the last Asian Games in which he competed as an athlete.

Kim Hyun-woo

Kim Hyun-woo lost 3-5 to China’s Liu Rui in the men’s Greco-Roman wrestling 77kg bronze medal match held at the Lin’an Sports and Culture Exhibition Center in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China on the 4th.

As Kim Hyun-woo pushed his opponent forward, ignoring the one-sided cheering of the home crowd in the early stages. 스포츠토토

He looked for an opportunity to attack in a low posture and put pressure on Liu Rui.

Kim Hyun-woo was in danger after giving up a point due to a foul with 1 minute and 41 seconds left in the first period.

Afterwards, they allowed the opponent’s side roll technique repeatedly and conceded 4 goals, falling to 0-5.

Hyun-woo Kim did not give up.

With 2 minutes and 17 seconds left in the second period,

they made up for one point due to an opponent’s defensive foul, and added two more points to trail 3-5.

Asian Games

Kim Hyun-woo looked for opportunities to attack until the end of the game,

but was unable to attack Liu Rui, who played a defense-oriented game, and lost.

It’s all the more unfortunate that this tournament is Kim Hyun-woo’s last Asian Games.

Kim Hyun-woo, who won a gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics and a bronze medal at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics,

set the 2020 Tokyo Olympics held in 2021 as a stage for his retirement,

but contracted a novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) a day before the Olympic quarter competition held in Bulgaria was confirmed and did not receive a ticket to participate in the Olympics.

Hyunwoo Kim set his retirement stage at the Hangzhou Asian Games and trained again,

but his Asian Games were also postponed by a year, extending his playing career.

On this day, Kim Hyun-woo lost 3-9 to Iran’s Amin Kavyaninejad in the round of 16 of the first round,

but Amin advanced to the finals and was given the opportunity to participate in the repechage match.

He defeated Dilshod Omongeldiyev (Uzbekistan) 6-3 in the first round of the repechage match and was hoping for a bronze medal,

but failed to cross the final threshold.

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