‘Physical Education Teacher’s Dream’ Seok Sang-go Lee Yoon-sung “I’m still nervous and nervous about the competition”

It’s hard to fall asleep on the eve of a competition.

On the 19th, the seventh round of the ‘2023 Jeonnam Glory Basketball Youth Club League (i-League)’ was held at the Glory Sportium National Sports Center in Glory-gun, Jeollanam-do. The seventh round concluded the Glory i-League.

The best player in the high school division was Lee Yoon-seong (Gwangju Seoksango 2) from 온라인카지노 HIM Basketball Class.

“Unfortunately, I missed the championship. “I started playing basketball with my friends and had fun, and as I continued to learn the game, I was able to compete,” she said.

Now that they are in their third year of high school, it’s time to focus on academics rather than basketball. “Actually, in middle school, I couldn’t participate in many competitions due to the coronavirus pandemic. “I started competing in high school, but I’m still nervous and anxious. The day before a competition, I can’t fall asleep easily because I’m thinking about how to make the team win, what role I should play, and image training.”

“I want to participate in the I-League next year without interfering with my studies, and although we lost the championship this time, I want to win next year with more growth,” he laughed.

Finally, he said, “I want to be a physical education teacher. Whether I become a university student or a teacher, I will continue to play basketball,” he said.

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