The team aims to win the championship three years from now, but I hope both Jeon Sung-hyun and Lee Jung-hyun will be nominated for the Most Valuable Player (MVP) after the season.”Goyang Sono head coach Kim Seung-ki said this at a press conference following the inauguration ceremony of the Goyang Sono Skygunners at Sonocam Goyang on the 20th.The Sono coach, who is considered an “underdog,” has set his sights on “winning the championship in three years.”We are an underdog,” Kim admitted, “but our team composition is not as good as other teams.” “On top of that, we were drafted eighth in the rookie draft this year, so it hurts,” he said.”I’m not thinking about this year right now, but we have to do the minimum,” Kim said, adding that he plans to develop players and form a good team with the goal of winning the championship in three years.”We will play winning games, play fun and aggressive basketball to attract fans,” Kim said, adding, “We will play basketball that is worthy of the ‘Seunggi Magic’ that fans shout.”Kim also revealed his plans for the 2023 rookie draft, which will be held on April 21 at Jamsil Student Gymnasium in Seoul.”I think the ‘big three’ who are considered to have instant power, such as Moon Jung-hyun, Park Mubin, and Yoo Yoo-sang, will all be selected in the first round,” Kim said, adding, “If I were to take them, I would be confident of making them superstars like Lee Jung-hyun, but I don’t think that will happen.” “Instead, I will find players who have the talent of an expert shooter like Yoo Yoo-sang, or who can handle the ball like Moon Jung-hyun, and develop them into good players,” he said, adding, “I will select players who can come in and play even for five or ten minutes. “He also expected the development of existing mainstays such as Jeon Sung-hyun and Lee Jung-hyun, as well as individual titles. “Jeon Sung-hyun is doing what he needs to do as an ace, and so are Lee Jung-hyun and Kim Kang-sun,” Kim said, adding, “The team has been through a difficult time, so everyone is taking responsibility, and I don’t think there will be any problems because the three of them are doing a good job. “”Last season, I think Lee Jung-hyun lacked some parts such as leading the game as the No. 1 player, grit, and determination to win rather than basketball skills,” said Kim Seung-ki. “This season, those parts have been filled, so I hope he will show his skills in all aspects as an MVP candidate. “”I hope that both Jeon Sung-hyun and Lee Jung-hyun will be nominated for MVP,” he added .Like the team’s name, “Skygunners,” which means “a cannon that shoots into the sky,” the team also promises to have a fiery three-point shot .”We’re emphasizing shooting. “I told Jeon Seong-hyun and Lee Jung-hyun, as well as Kim Kang-sun, Kim Min-wook, Kim Jin-yu, and Jarrod Jones, that they can shoot 3-pointers from 1-2 meters behind the arc at any time. If this starts to go in, it will be very difficult for the opponent,” he said, revealing his own tactics .That’s why Kim has been coaching center Cho Jae-woo, a rookie last season, even more harshly. If they start causing havoc on the perimeter, 스포츠토토 they need a player who can take charge under the basket.

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