On the 20th, Jeonnam-do held a general meeting of the organizing committee for the 104th National Sports Games and the 43rd National Paralympic Games at the Shinan Beach Hotel in Mokpo, and decided to gather strength to make the Games a national unity, inspiration, and hope .The general meeting was attended by more than 100 members, including Jeonnam Governor Kim Young-rok and the heads of major institutions and organizations in the province, and was held in the order of the preparation status of the national games, the overall report on the production of the opening and closing ceremonies, and the performance of the prayer for success .To ensure a safe and secure Games, Jeonnam built five new stadiums, including the main venue, Mokpo General Stadium, and completed renovations to 75 venues. The province also conducted safety inspections with private experts to ensure the safety of athletes and spectators. The opening and closing ceremonies, which will mark the grand beginning and end of the Games, will be staged in the form of “yard games” and “musicals” combined with state-of-the-art media under the theme of “Into the Sound of Life,” giving the entire nation an emotional experience comparable to the Olympics .Jeonnam-do is also doing its best to prepare for hospitality by operating a situation room for each sport to welcome athletes and visitors during the Games. Buses, rental cars, and taxis will be provided for the transportation of athletes and officials, who are expected to number more than 40,000, to and from venues. To facilitate smooth vehicle traffic, 11 temporary parking lots will be operated and shuttle buses will be operated between the temporary parking lots and Mokpo General Stadium .Governor Kim Young-rok said, “I hope to contribute strength and wisdom to the successful hosting of the two major events with my extensive experience and perspectives accumulated through various activities.” “We will work together with the committee members to create a united Korea, an inspiring Korea, a cultural tourism Korea, and a hopeful Korea.”The 104th National Sports Games will be held for seven days from Oct. 13 to 19 in 70 venues in 22 cities and counties, centered on Mokpo, the main host city. The 43rd National Paralympic Games will be 토토사이트 held for six days from Nov. 3 to 8 with 31 sports in 38 venues in 12 cities and counties.

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