‘Military service law violation’ soccer player Seok Hyun-jun’s side

Sentenced to 2 years probation in August after first trial, appeals

Former national soccer striker Seok Hyun-jun (32), who was sentenced to probation in the first trial for evading military service, appealed for leniency on appeal, saying, 토토사이트 “Please take into consideration that he failed to properly respond to contractual and agency relationships while playing soccer at a young age.”

“The defendant’s contract with the agency was similar to a slave contract in that he was forced to work for the agency at a young age,” Seok’s defense attorney said at the appeal hearing of Seok’s alleged violation of the Military Service Act, held at the Suwon District Court Criminal Matters Division 2 (Deputy Chief Judge Park Hyung-soo) on June 6.

“There is a rule that a soccer player cannot work as a player or coach for two years after completing the probation period for violating the military service law,” he said, adding, “Although the defendant did something wrong, he paid a huge penalty to the agency and left the country voluntarily, but it is too harsh, so I want him to be sentenced to the fullest extent of the law.”

In his final statement, Seok said, “I am ashamed and regretful for causing disappointment and emptiness to the people by causing the military service issue,” adding, “I fell into the self-deception that everything would be solved if I played football hard, and only realized the seriousness of the situation when it got worse. I am deeply remorseful and will promptly fulfill my military service obligations in the future.”

The prosecution asked the court to dismiss the defendant’s appeal.

Previously, Seok was sentenced to eight months in prison and two years of probation in the first trial of the case.

“According to the evidence adopted and examined by the court, 스포츠토토 the defendant is guilty of violating the Military Service Act,” the trial court said, adding, “The defendant’s crime of not returning home without a valid reason after the expiration of his residence permit is not good, and strict punishment is inevitable in view of the establishment of a fair military service order.”

The defense has since appealed the sentence, claiming unfairness.

The sentencing for the case will be held on the 18th of next month.

Meanwhile, Seok, who was in France with an overseas travel permit to work abroad, was charged with failing to return within the time frame without a legitimate reason despite being notified by the military to return by June 2019.

Under the current law, those who have not completed military service are restricted from traveling abroad once they reach the age of 28 unless there are special reasons. Extensions are available, but they must be approved for special reasons.

Seok, who had been staying abroad with a general permit, applied for an extension, which can only be granted to those living with parents who have obtained permanent residency, 스포츠토토맨 but was denied and had to return home.

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