Women’s soccer shock loss to Morocco highlights reality.

Coach Colin Bell showed his determination for a multi-goal victory by pulling out his long striker, Park Eun-sun.

But before they could really get going, they were dealt a blow.

Just six minutes into the game, we conceded an early header to Moroccan Ibtissam Zaidi.

Conceding a cross too easily led to a crucial goal.

The team fought back and continued to attack relentlessly, targeting the head of Jang Shin Park, but the finishing was lacking, with a diving header going just wide of the goal.

In the second half, head coach Colin Bell unleashed all of his attacking resources, including Choi Yuri, Casey Eugene Fair, and Chun Ga-Ram, but couldn’t find the back of the net.

After losing without a single shot on goal to Morocco, who were thought to be underdogs, our players were embarrassed and had no choice but to accept defeat.

[Choi Yoo-ri/Women’s National Soccer Team: “I’m very disappointed with the outcome of the game, and I feel like we had a lot of support and we didn’t show it.”]

With their chances of advancing to the round of 16 now slim, coach Colin Bell said this was the reality of the situation and called for drastic reforms, 먹튀검증 saying South Korean women’s soccer needed to be changed from the ground up.

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