The Filipino martial art of sikaran is nearly entirely concerned on kicking. Blocking is the only purpose of the hands and arms. It is believed that this style was first used in the Philippines in the sixteenth century. Depending on the region of the country the sport is played in, sikaran has a number of variations. Only the Rizal province of the Philippines utilizes sikaran.

Sikaran dates back to the 1500s, when Filipino farmers met up in their fields after work to practice combat. After work, farmers would congregate in fields where 바카라사이트 they would utilize their powerful legs and kicking prowess to drive their opponents from a certain region.

The Tagalog term “Sikaran” means “Kicking.” The most widely used dialect in the Philippines is Tagalog, which has been designated as the nation’s official tongue under the name Pilipino. The word “sikaran,” which was coined, comes from the root “sikad” (kick).

The form of art has never achieved global acclaim. For a long time, Sikaran was thought to be a lost skill because of this. In recent years, the art even made a poor attempt at assimilation. It did this because, in its present state, it couldn’t compete with well-known arts like Tae Kwon Do.

While it has been passed down from person to person and has not been properly documented or even recorded in history. While there may be similarities to the martial art of Karate, Sikaran has its own unique kicking techniques that set it apart from Karate.


Sikaran has lots of kicks. The well-known Biakid kick or the “dragon whiplash” targets the side or rear of the head and is delivered by turning to the back in a turn, much like a spinning hook kick or a reverse round house in other martial arts techniques.  In contrast, other martial arts target mainly the side of the head with this type of spinning kick.

In Sikaran, there are two types of attacks: fatal kicks that target important body parts like the heart, brain, and groin, and paralyzing blows that target less vital body parts.

A paralyzing blow is called a panghilo. This concept understands kicks that parallel the opponent. By taking away an opponent’s capacity to move, one can prevent them from being able to defend themselves. The majority of modern culture and organized combat use this idea. It is accomplished by concentrating on certain bodily organs that are critical but not vital enough to result in death.

Pamatay is based around lethal kicks. It is clear this concept was widely followed in the past when this fighting technique was used in battles and as a means of self-defense. Practically its use only coincides with fights to the death. With this concept vital parts of the body are targeted and struck. Some of these include the heart,spine and neck.

Sikaran has never been limited to being a martial art. It has long been ingrained in Philippine society. Modern practitioners of this technique protect themselves by donning armor. Given the dangerous nature of this technique, it helps to prevent injuries when fighting in this manner. Following the establishment of schools for people wishing to acquire this form of fighting technique, Filipino 사설토토 practitioners spread their influence to nations such as Saudi Arabia, the United States, Australia, and Canada.

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